5 blogs you need to read about intellectual giftedness

5 blogs you need to read about intellectual giftedness

5 Blogs on intellectual giftednessHello there,

Just a quick post¬† today, but one that this blog can’t do without *grin* As bloggers, we all have different perspectives on our topics. I’m a mom blogger, and as much as I read up on giftedness and education, I can’t cover all the topics a teacher or a child psychologist can. I don’t want to do that, either – I much rather deal with my personal struggles on my blog. But I sure love reading different points of view! Some of these blogs are fun to read, some are more serious – but they all have their unique point of view.

Crushing tall poppies

Celi is an author, has several degrees in education and her blog is super interesting. If I don’t find time for anything else, I still keep up with this one. Yes, even if I am super busy. This is one of my favourite blogs.

Gifts for learning

This one is a massive site! I have not waded through all of the articles, but I am currently doing my best! To mix it up, you can find some fun stuff in between the more serious posts.

Gifted Unschooling

Sadly, this is not current. I still include it because it has a bunch of information about twice exceptional kids and unschooling.

Gifted Challenges

By a psychologist – highly informative! I just read about things you should never say to you gifted kids –¬† I’m guilty of saying a couple of the phrases she mentions…

Mensa for Kids

OK, so that is technically not a blog, but it has soooo much information and resources. I had to include it. The lesson plans are great!

What is on your feed? Let me know if I forgot anything – I love finding new resources, friends and fun things to read! I’d love to be part of a big network.


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